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Mrs. Jacques Futrelle, Wife of Novelist, Says Many Were Brave, However
NEW YORK, April 19---Mrs. Jacques Futrelle, who was rescued, but whose husband, the novelist, went down with the Titanic, declared today that the men who were saved, except those required to man the lifeboats, sneaked into the lifeboats.

"I state this," she declared emphatically, "and I mean it."

Mrs. Futrelle joined with all the other survivors in according praise to the heroism of those men who died that the women and children might live.

"Their conduct was magnificent; as fine as anything in the annals of fact or fiction," she said.

This is Mrs. Futrelle's story of the terrible night and morning:

"I was just going to bed when the crash came. Jack was up in the smoking saloon. The shock threw me down, and I was struggling to my feet when Jack rushed in and cried:

"'Get dressed at once; the boat is going down.'

"I was placed in one of the last lifeboats to leave. Jack, poor boy, was very brave when the time came to say good-by. With a final kiss he half lifted me into the boat, saying: 'Hurry up, May, you are keeping the others waiting.'

"We had been in the lifeboats but a few minutes when the Titanic made her final plunge. I thought I saw Jack waving to me as she went down."

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