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Business Man Swoons on Learning Relatives Were Rescued from Titanic Wreck

Aurora, Ill., April 17- [Special]- Oscar W. Johnson, 32 years old, a business man living at St. Charles, Ill., fell over in a dead faint which lasted a half hour today when word was telephoned him from Aurora that all the women on board the Titanic had been saved.

Johnson's wife and two little children, Harold, aged 4, and Eleanor 1 year, and his two sisters, were booked as passengers on the big ship, and none of their names have appeared among the list of the rescued. Mrs. Johnson had been gone more than a year. Her little girl was born while she was abroad. The child's father had never seen her. He expected to meet his wife and family in Chicago tomorrow. He had just refurnished his home as a surprise greeting to his wife.

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