Mesaba Warned Doomed Titanic of Icebergs

Chicago Daily News

Mesaba Reports That It Warned The Doomed Ocean Vessel

of Presence of Icebergs in Vicinity and Got "Thanks"

Message by Wireless in Reply


[By The Associated Press]

New York, April 18--The Atlantic transport liner Mesaba, in today from England, gives the information that at 7:50 o'clock last Sunday night the following messages passed between the Mesaba and the Titanic, both bound for New York:

"M. G. Y.--Latitude 42 to 41.25 north, longitude 49 to 50.30 west; much heavy packed ice and great number of bergs; weather clear.  (Signed)

"Clarke, Captain Mesaba."

"Thanks.  (Signed) M.G.Y."

"M.G.Y." is the call of the Titanic.

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