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New York, April 19. - There were three automobiles to meet Mrs. Astor.  Mr Bobbyn, the colonel's secretary, was on the pier all evening.  Preparations were made to take Mrs. Astor home to Colonel Astor's house at 840 Fifth avenue.  Dr. Kimball, accompanied by another physician, was in attendance.  Before the party on the pier had met Mrs. Astor, Dr Fraunethal, when coming off the boat, was asked by a reporter as to Mrs. Astor's condition.

"Mrs. Astor is well," said Dr. Fraunthal.  The doctor added, when told that Mrs. Astor had died: "That is not true, Mrs. Astor was well yesterday."  Just then young Vincent Astor was seen running toward his car, a big limousine directly in front of the procession of waiting autos stretching back a long distance.  Vincent cranked up the machine himself and jumped into the drivers seat.

"How is Mrs. Astor?" he was asked.  "She is well," he replied.  "I am delighted to say that she is far better than I expected to find her."

"Have you any other good news to give us?" young Astor was asked.  "No," he said.  "I have not yet dared to ask Mrs. Astor any questions."

"No news of Colonel Astor?" "No," he again replied, sadly.

The limousine was running now at a rapid rate and it disappeared in the White Star pier, where Mrs. Astor was waiting to enter.  In the car was a suitcase filled with Mrs. Astor's clothing and other personal belongings which had been taken to the pier to supply her immediate needs.  Mrs. Astor walked down the gangplank unassisted, wearing a white sweater.  She walked across the pier and entered the car and was driven away. 

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