Miss Dorothy Gibson, Harrison Fisher muse, now picture star

Miss Dorothy Gibson, the well-known beauty who is the muse of Mr. Harrison Fisher, the popular illustrator of feminine charms, has forsaken the studio of the artist for that of the motion picture.

Miss Gibson, who is the sitter for many lovely portraits by Mr. Fisher for ladies’ magazine covers, has been engaged as the leading woman of the new American stock of the Éclair Film Company of France. Miss Gibson was formerly a player with the Imp and the Lubin companies but was not permitted top roles. She was also for a time under the management of the Brothers Shubert, appearing in the Hippodrome chorus. The Éclair managers have expressed great faith in their inspired acquisition of the charming as well as beautiful young actress whose modesty is as apparent as her prettiness.

"I am a daughter of Hoboken," said the fresh-faced star when asked whether she considered herself a cinematic heroine. "There’s pride in that. But as to becoming a favorite in the moving pictures, that remains to be seen."

As noted in these columns, Éclair has been planning a large number of dramas and comedies of distinction, foremost among which the historical pageant of the American Revolution, Hands Across the Sea is to begin production this week. Miss Gibson is expected to take several roles in the new picture, which is arranged as a tableau vivant. She will represent Mollie Pitcher in a recreation of the Battle of Monmouth and personify Marie Antoinette in a scene of Benjamin Franklin’s visit to the Court of France.

Miss Gibson is the daughter of Mr. John Leonard Gibson of New York.

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