Miss Gracie Goes To New York To Get Information

Washington Times

Worn to a point of desperation by the suspense she has undergone since receiving news that her father, Col. Archibald Gracie, was among those saved from the sea tragedy, Miss Edith Gracie, of 1527 Sixteenth street northwest, gave way to her anxiety today and decided to go to New York and wait for the arrival of the Carpathia, bearing the survivors of the disaster. Miss Gracie will leave Washington shortly after noon.

“I am hoping what they told me is true, and that father is safe," said Miss Gracie, this morning. “But I am not sure yet whether it is true. The message I received concerning father's safety said he was probably one of the survivors. It did not state decidedly that he was saved. Therefore, I am hoping for the best, but have been in constant fear that something has happened to him and will be until I see him.”

Miss Gracie has been practically alone in the Sixteenth street house since she heard the news of the disaster. A maid is the only person that has been with the girl since news of the tragedy was broken to her. Mrs. Gracie, her mother, left the city about a week ago, and is visiting relatives in New York. She, too, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown since learning that husband was in danger. Mrs. Gracie has consoled her daughter as much as possible by long-distance telephone messages and telegrams, but has not been well enough to come to Washington. Miss Gracie will probably spend the time waiting in New York for the arrival of the Carpathia with her mother and other relatives. The family will return to Washington as soon as Colonel Gracie arrives in New York, "If he ever does come back to us,” Miss Gracie said today.

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