Youngest Daughter of Late Copper Magnate to Marry Milton S. Waldman in Paris
Fiance of Heiress, the Former Wife of S. M. Kempner, Was Lately a New York Newspaper Man
Word has been received here from Paris telling of the approaching marriage of Miss Barbara Hazel Guggenheim and Milton S. Waldman, a former newspaper man of New York, whose family resides in Cleveland. The wedding is to take place next month, according to the information from abroad, and after spendlng their honeymoon in Italy the couple will come to this city to reside.

Miss Guggenheim is the daughter of the late Benjamin Guggenheim, the copper magnate, who was lost in the Titanic disaster, and Mrs. Guggenheim, who resides at the Plaza. This will be her second marriage. On June 2, last year, she was married to Sigmund Marshall Kempner of this city, at the Ritz-Carlton.
Last June they were divorced in Paris. About that time Mr. Waldman resigned his position here and sailed for France, where it was said he would engage in literary work. He is 25 years old and is a graduate of Yale.

Miss Guggenheim was studying at Washington Square College, New York University, at the time of her first marriage. She is at present studying at the Sorbonne, in Paris.

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