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Daughter of Mrs. George Brooke of Philadelphia Greeted by Society Throng
Mrs. Beeckman and Mrs. Perin Fly in Hydröaeroplane with E. E. Dodge---Tennis Tourney Continues
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NEWPORT, R. I., Aug. 11-Mrs. George Brooke of Philadelphia and Newport presented her daughter, Miss Lucile P. Carter, at a dinner dance given this evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Brooke on Ochre Point, at which three hundred of the Summer residents of Newport and a number from Narragansett Pier attended. Previous to the dance a dinner was served in the inclosed verandas and dining hall, which was decorated with pink roses and the same color in gladiolas, arranged in garden effect with a pretty lighting affect to correspond. On the lawn were several large tents treated similarly in decorations and brilliantly illuminated and arranged for the dancing.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooke and Miss Carter received. Miss Carter wore a costume of white silk with brocade silver and carried a shower of orchids.

Eight tables were used for the dinner for the guests, who included the Misses Lois Csssatt, Flora Vanderbilt Whitney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, presented on Aug. 4; Katherine A. Morgan, who will be presented tomorrow at a lawn party which her mother, Mrs. Edwin D. Morgan, is giving; Alice Gordon Drexel, Louise B. Sorchan, Margaret Perin, Hannah Randolph, and Julia A. Berwind.

Governor and Mrs. R. Livingston Beeckman, Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cassatt, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. George MaFadden, Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Craig Biddle; Mr. and Mrs. William F. Whitehouse, Mr. and Mrs. Forsythe Wickes, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver G. Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Gifford A. Cochran, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Harriman, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Perin, Mr. and Mrs. Paulding Fosdick, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Person Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Perry Belmont, Mr. and 'Mrs. Warren D. Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ridgeway, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Godfrey, Mrs. King Carley, Mrs. Oelrichs, Mrs. John R. Drexel.

Also Henry J. Whitehouse, William H. Sands. Charles E. Sands, Williams F. Burden, W. Earl Dodge, Lloyd Warren, Francis Roche, Maurice Roche, Herman Oelrichs, W. Hude Neilson, B Russell, Reginald B. Lanier, P. A. B. Widener, Alfred Gilpin, Samuel Chew, James D'W. Cutting, Moncure Robinson, G. Louis Bossevain, and Norman de R. Whitehouse.

[These are the opening paragraphs of this story. The balance other events of the day in Newport, and has not been transcribed.]

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