Miss Lyyli Silvéns account

Karlshamns Allehanda

Having found her relatives she was reluctant to enter even the last boats, but Rev. Lahtinen had forced her to do so. Rev. Lahtinen had been looking calm and cheerful. Mrs. Lahtinen was supposed to be helped into the boat as well, but she clung to her husband and said she would not be parted from him, but rather die with him. In the boat where Miss Silvén was there were 50-60 passengers. The last thing she saw was some first class men, who fetched some deck chairs, placed them on the deck and started conversing each other, whereas the bow kept sinking. When her boat had come some way away from the liner and taken a capsized boat's passengers aboard, there was a terrible noise from the Titanic, hollering and shooting. According to Miss Silvén, they had been rowing for half an hour, when the Titanic's stern rose and the gigantic ship sank. The thousands of lights were still glowing....

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