Hocking Family News

Women and children all safe but men in the party were drowned

Schenectady Gazette

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Ellen Hocking
Ellen Hocking

Charles Hambly, of this city, who went to New York to meet his fiancé, Miss Nellie Hocking and party consisting of her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Hocking, a sister, Mrs. Emily Richards and two children, a brother George Hocking, and his two friends, Harry Cotterill and Percy Baily, who were on the ill-fated Titanic, telegraphed the Gazette yesterday morning that the women and children were all safe but that the men in the party were drowned. This is contrary to early reports as the list showing those rescued carried the name of George Hocking as being on the Carpathia.

The women of the party are en route to Akron, Ohio where an elder son of Mrs. Hocking and the husband of Mrs. Richards are located in business. They left New York at 6.45 o’clock last night, showing the effects of the severe strain they had been through, but bearing up well under their burden of grief.

Regarding the drowning of Cotterill, a rather sad picture is presented as he was the support of a widowed mother, who had worked hard to give him an opportunity oof finishing in his trade, and he came to this county expecting to earn good wages.

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