Miss Willard Tells Of Wreck

Hibbing Daily Tribune

Girl Well Known Here, Who was on the Titanic has reached St. Paul.

St. Paul, Minn. - April 23 - Miss Constance, the 20-year-old daughter of David Willard, formerly of Duluth, has arrived at the home of her sister, Mrs. Hope McCall, on South Avon street, after the most trying week of her life, since a week ago Sunday night, when the Titanic struck. Except for a little fatigue Miss Willard is entirely well and was able to give a full account of her experience.

Miss Willard said there was no searchlight aboard the Titanic. She overheard a man ask an officer about this lack, the first day out. The officer, whose name she did not know told the man it was intended to have the searchlight installed in New York.
Miss Willard was without any relatives or near friends on the boat, the Carter family, with whom she was travelling, being new acquaintances who had promised her aunt in England to look out for her on the trip over. Her first real breakdown or feeling in any way akin to fear did not come, she said, until after she was aboard the Carpathia.

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