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Mme. Aubart: Luxury Lost

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After her rescue from Titanic, French singer Leontine Pauline ("Ninette") Aubart, better remembered as the mistress of American millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim, wrote the following letter to the White Star Line, itemizing her lost possessions:

New York, May 1st, 1912.

Dear Sir,

Before returning tomorrow to Paris, I beg to send you a list of the effects and jewelry that I have lost on the "Titanic."

1 trunk "Innovation" for hats
1 trunk "Innovation" for dresses
1 trunk "Innovation" for lingerie
1 trunk "Vuitton"
1 toilet-bag with silver fittings .... 3,500 Frs.

24 dresses and wraps .... 25,000 Frs.
7 hats and 2 with aigrettes .... 2,400 Frs.

6 pairs black
6 pairs evening
6 pairs satin with jewelled buckles
6 pairs (without description) .... 1,800 Frs.

24 chemises
6 chemisettes
12 sets of knickers
24 night costumes of silk lace, corsets, corset-covers,
handkerchiefs and neck-wear .... 6,000 Frs.

Gloves and opera glasses ... 400 Frs.

1 gold bag with sapphires .... 4,000 Frs.
1 purse, gold with emeralds .... 2,000 Frs.
1 money and powder purse, gold with sapphires .... 4,000 Frs.
1 bracelet .... 3,000 Frs.
1 tiara of brilliants .... 9,000 Frs.

Total: 61,100 Frs ($12,220)

For the greater part of these articles I think I am able to produce the invoices. I would inform you that on my arrival in Paris I shall put the matter in the hands of my lawyer.

Ninette Aubart
17, rue Le Sueur
Passenger on "Titanic," Deck B-35.

This letter was affixed to the formal claim for damages which Mme. Aubart later filed. That document was witnessed, signed and sealed in Paris by U.S. Deputy Consul General Hanson C. Coxe, and dated 20 Feb. 1913.

Aubart's case against White Star for reimbursement of her lost possessions was supplemented by a personal injury claim in the amount of $25,000, the total for both suits being $37,220. Aubart's U.S. legal representative in the case was A. Gordon Murray, who filed her petition on 10 April, 1913, one year to the date of Titanic's sailing.

(This document and additional information supplied by Daniel Klistorner, Australia)


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