Relatives Hear Yonkers Man Had Jewellery and $4000 Checks

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Relatives Hear Yonkers Man Had Jewellery and $4000 Checks

Checks for $4000 and jewels valued at $1000 which were found on the bodies of victims of the Titanic disaster will be sent to Yonkers, from information received there yesterday from Halifax, N.S. The victims were Mr and Mrs Alexander Robins of No 42 Garfield Street, Yonkers. They were third cabin passengers. Robins was a contractor and he is said to have had every cent he owned in the world with him when he perished. The bodies of Robins and his wife were recovered and were buried in Yonkers.

The daughter of the couple, Mrs Patrick Curtin, and their son Alexander Robins Jr, who live in the Garfield Street house, heard nothing about any valuable articles being saved when the bodies were recovered, and supposed that everything belonging to the couple had been lost. A letter signed “Secretary of the Province” was received by the son and daughter from Halifax, in which the writer says there was found on the bodies $4000 in traveller’s checks on an express company and jewellery with $1000. The letter explains a mistake was made in forwarding the jewellery, but it was corrected. 

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