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Institution to Combat Tuberculosis Receives $5,000 from Egypt.
J. Pierpont Morgan was so much interested in the colony of tenement
children who are being saved from acquiring tuberculosis by the
Tuberculosis Preventorium at Farmingdale, N, J., that, in the midst of
his travels in Egypt recently he sent Marcus M. Marks, the President
of the Preventorium, $5,000 to help the institution along.

Mr. Marks has been striving all Winter to raise a building fund for the
Preventorium, and also to obtain pledges of $58,000 to pay the
Institution's expenses this year.

Mr. Marks wrote to a number of wealthy, philanthropic folk in the latter
part of January describing the unique work in tuberculosis prevention,
which the Preventorium is doing. Mr. Morgan was one of those to whom Mr.
Marks wrote, and yesterday the following letter inclosing a $5,000 check
was received by him from Egypt:

Dehabeah Khargeh, Feb. 27, 1912
Dear Sir: Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan has received your letter of Jan. 25,
and has much pleasure in sending you herewith his check for $5,000 in
aid of the Tuberculosis Preventorium for Children. Yours faithfully,
A. C. BROWN, Secretary.

Mr. Marks said yesterday that he still needs $20,000 for two additional
open-air camps to accommodate sixty-four children and thus increase the
Preventorium's capacity to 236 children at one time, or about 900
children a year. An endowment of $15,000 per annum is also needed, to
add to the $45.000 already pledged, to complete the 1912 support

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