Eager as a Boy to Meet the Home-Coming Hamilton Children
When the White Star steamship Oceanic reacher [sic] her pier from Liverpool yesterday morning the most eagerly expectant person awaiting her was J. Pierpont Morgan, who was there to greet Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hamilton, his son-in-law and daughter, and the four little Hamiltons, Lawrence, Pierpont, Helen, and Alexander.

Mr. Morgan walked to the end of the pier while the big liner was being warped in, waving his hands to the four youngsters, who had managed to push themselves before their elders, and were standing in a row against the railing of the ship. Their hands began to flutter actively when they caught a glimpse of the financier amid the crowd.

When the ship was about eight feet from the pier Mr. Morgan held out his hands and playfully shouted to Pierpont, who was nearest:

"Jump, Pierpont, jump over to grandpa."

A cautious hand from behind checked the boy or he might have taken the leap.

When the gangplank was run out to the ship Mr. Morgan was the first to cross it. He kissed each of the Hamiltons with a resounding smack. Then he helped to hustle the new arrivals into a waiting carriage.

Besides the Hamiltons there were also on the ship Willie Collier, the actor; Ida Conquest, and "Doc" Owens, the card player, who has not reformed sufficiently to lose all interest in the great American game of poker, as he demonstrated on the voyage.

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