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Wants to See Titanic Launched---Health Never Better, He Says
Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES
LONDON, May 19---By accident THE NEW YORK TIMES correspondent
met J. Pierpont Morgan this afternoon at the West End office of the White Star
Line, where the financier was making inquiries as to the launching of the
Titanic, which takes place at Belfast on May 31.

Mr. Morgan looked very well, and moved about with the nimbleness of a young

Telling him that I was a representative of THE NEW YORK TIMES, he replied:

"Very fine paper, very fine. I wish you would have it sent me to 13 Princes
Gate until further notice."

"Will you say anything about the United States Supreme Court decision?" Mr.
Morgan was asked.

"It's a little late to talk about that," he replied. "Besides, I haven't
seen the full decision yet. But it is very satisfactory."

He refused to discuss the matter further.

Queried about the St. Martin reliquary, and about his reported intention to
restore it to France, Mr. Morgan said:

"I don't know whether I have got the real thing yet. There are three or
four of them floating about."

"Are you going to see the coronation?"

"I will do as I like about that," he replied. "At present I'm arranging to
see the launching of the Titanic. I wasn't here when the Olympic was

Answering a remark referring to his apparent good health, he said:

"I have never felt better in my life."

Then, as the financier disappeared through the door, he called out:

"Don't forget to send me THE TIMES."

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