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Berlin Thinks That, Unofficially, He Will Try to End the Turkish-Italian
After Seeing Kaiser at Venice---Belief That Turkish Officials Will
Listen to Him Respectfully
By Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph to The New York Times
LONDON, Tuesday, April 9---The latest account of the projected meeting
between the Kaiser and J. Pierpont Morgan comes from Berlin.

The Kaiser, it is stated, requested Mr. Morgan to meet him in Venice.
Mr. Morgan recently presented to his Majesty an autograph letter of
Martin Luther. It was handed to the Kaiser by the American Ambassador,
and the Kaiser expressed a desire to thank Mr. Morgan personally. He
directed that the letter be sent to Jena University, where it will be
kept in a monumental marble showcase designed by his Majesty. The Berlin dispatch adds:

"But the interest in Mr. Morgan's visit is more than that. The American
financier has just had interviews at Rome with King Victor Emmanuel, the Italian Premier, and other high officials, and is now arranging to visit Constantinople, where he will have audiences with the Sultan and the Turkish Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Finance.

"It is believed in Berlin that these meetings may have something to do
with the efforts being made to bring the Turco-Italian war to an end.

"The medium of the American financier would, of course, be unofficial
and a novel experiment in diplomacy, but it is thought that Mr. Morgan's views will be listened to with respect in Constantinople."

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