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Wants America to Have Institution an Janiculum, in Rome
By Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph to The New York Times
ROME, April 3---J. Pierpont Morgan spent the whole morning on the top of
Janiculum, the loveliest spot in Rome, together with F. D. Millet, to
make a definite decision about the building for the new American
academy, which will have all possible accommodations for giving students all the facilities to absorb what is best of the three epochs of ancient, mediaeval, and modern Rome, creating a new and living
manifestation of American art.

It is reported that Mr. Morgan, standing on top of the historic hill
wherefrom one overlooks the Capitol and the Quirinal, turned to Mr.
Millet and exclaimed:

"I hope that here will eventually be an American institution of art,
greater than those of the other countries, which are already famous."

Mr. Morgan leaves to-morrow on his way to Florence. He will be followed
there Sunday by Mr. Millet.

The building for the new academy is expected to start in the middle of


Mark Baber, USA


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