Moss side man among the crew

Had a horror of the Olympic

Manchester Evening News

George BarlowHad a horror of the Olympic

Among the crew of the ill-fated vessel was a Mosside man, George Barlow, of 21, Raby Street, who acted in the capacity of bedroom steward.

Mr Barlow's father, an old gentleman, was visited by our representative this morning. He was naturally much distressed. His son, he said, had been with the white star company upwards of 12 years. For 10 years he was a bedroom Stuart on board the Oceanic, with the exception of a short break when he served on the Cedric.

He had made one or two trips on the Olympic, and was on that vessel during the collision with the cruiser hawk.

"It is singular," the father said, "but George always had a dread of the Olympic. He was frightened of the ship, and was glad to get off her. He said many times that he felt sure she would go down."

The father and mother who have had no news of their son since his sailing on the Titanic, the last letters they received being from Belfast, where he had been staying three weeks during the fitting up of the ship. He was to have returned home for Easter, but was prevented owing to the cold strike.

Mr Barlow, who was unmarried, had expressed a determination to give up see life altogether as soon as he could find a suitable situation on land. His brother, Halle Barlow, is a bedroom steward on the Baltic, and is now due home. The photograph reproduced above was taken on one of Mr Barlow's visit to New York.


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