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Sent Home on the Lapland---How Many Were Saved
All of the crew of the Titanic, except the saved officers and about twenty
of the crew who are to be witnesses, sailed for their homes yesterday
morning on the Red Star liner Lapland. So many of them were saved, Second
Officer Lightoller has testifled, because of their powers of endurance, for
of the persons picked up in the water by the lifeboats five out of every six
were either firemen or stewards. Eliminating the stewardesses, who were
saved with the passengers, and thirty men who were picked up clinging to an
overturned boat, 158 were rescued.

The number of these assigned to man the boats has not yet been fully
established. From the testimony so far given the men in six port side boats
are accounted for as follows:

Passengers/ Crew
First boat 25/2
Second boat 30/2
Third boat 35/3
Fourth boat ../3
Fifth boat ../6
Eighth boat ../4

It was No. 8 boat which carried away Mrs. Straus's maid when Mrs. Straus
herself refused to leave her husband. This is the boat which both Capt.
Smith and Chief Officer Murdock assisted in loading. In it went two seamen,
a steward, and a cook.

The fourth boat was shorthanded when it came time to lower her, and it was
in this that Major Peuchen of Toronto was ordered to take an oar. It was the
first boat, it is said, to man which the officers had to call upon a
passenger. Two seamen were in it, but at the last minute another of the crew
jumped in.

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