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Despite Illness, Mrs. Fiermonte Goes Alone to Newport for Marriage to Miss French
W. K. Dick to Be in Trinity Church Today---Rehearsal for the Ceremony Takes Place
NEWPORT, R. I., June 29---Mrs. Enzo Fiermonte, despite her illness, arrived late today at Chetwode, the home of her son, John Jacob Astor 3d, and will be present in historic Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church tomorrow for his marriage at 4 P. M. to Miss Ellen Tuck French. Mrs. M. Orme Wilson, the former Caroline Astor, is also a guest of Mr. Astor, her nephew.

It had been reported, as late as this morning, that Mrs. Fiermonte would be unable to make the trip. Mr. Astor yesterday expressed the hope that his mother's condition would permit her to be present. Her recent marriage to the young Italian pugilist was understood to have been opposed for a time by her son, who, however, attended the ceremony. Mr. Fiermonte is said to be on a business trip and will not come to Newport.

William K. Dick, Mrs. Fiermonte's former husband, is expected to arrive tomorrow morning to attend his former stepson's wedding.

Miss Bogert Rehearses for Bride

Rehearsal for the wedding was held this afternoon. Trinity Church was surrounded for several hours by a crowd of spectators anxious to catch a glimpse of the young couple and members of the wedding party.

Those attending were the prospective bride and bridegroom, his best man, Lloyd P. Griscom, and six of the eight ushers, Miss Virginia French, the maid of honor; the bride's father and mother, Francis O. French and Mrs. Livingston French; her aunt, Mrs. Donald O. MacRae; Mrs. Lorillard Spencer, Mr. Astor's aunt; Miss Lesley Bogert, who impersonated the bride, and the two clergymen, the Rev. Harold St. George Burrill and the Rev. Dr. Edward Travers.

Miss Bogert, as the "bride," wore a train of lace pinned to the bottom of her skirt and walked up the aisle several times on the arm of Mr. French until the procession was perfected. In the meantime the bride-to-be, with her mother and her aunt and Mrs. Spencer, watched from one of the front pews.

J. Raymond Parker, organist and choirmaster, played the traditional marches for the rehearsal.

A few representatives of the press, who were guests of Mr. Astor, witnessed the rehearsal from the gallery. He had invited all of the press representatives yesterday, but this invitation was changed, as was the hour of the rehearsal, in accord with the wishes of Mrs. French.

Mr. Astor and Miss French were obliged to run the gauntlet of a battery of cameras as they entered the church. The majority of the camera men in front of the church were avoided, since the couple went in a side door. Miss French arrived in her new automobile, a gift from Mr. Astor.

Cocktail Party Is Given

After the rehearsal the bridal party went to the Muenchinger King, where Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rhinelander 2d and their daughter, Miss Le Brun C. Rhinelander, entertained with a cocktail party and dancing.

Those present were several prospective débutantes, including Miss Rhinelander, the hostess, and the Misses Lesley Bogert, Jane Pope, Hildegarde Graham, Betty Brooke, Aerielle Frazer, Alice André and Betty Morris Young. The men were Alexander Cushing, John de Bragança, William de Forest Manice Jr., Francis P. Clark, Charles S. Whitman Jr., Miguel de Bragança, Jorge André Jr., Rufus Z. Johnston Jr. and I. Townsend Burden Jr.

Mrs. Rhinelander was assisted by her mother, Mrs. Eugene Parsons.

The prospective bride and bridegroom this evening were guests of honor at a dinner given at the Cave Cliff by Mr. and Mrs. George Brooke and their daughter, Miss Betty Brooke.

Astor Host to His Ushers

Mr. Astor had his best man and the corps of ushers as luncheon guests at Chetwode. The ushers are William Dick, Mr. Astor's half-brother; Kingsley Swan, Elisha Dodge, Beverley A. Bogert, Francis A. Clark, G. Philip Lynch, Thomas Le Boutillier and J. G. Blaine Ewing Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul FitzSimons, who have Mrs. Amos Tuck French as a guest at Winter Cottage, gave a small dinner there this evening. It was impossible for Mr. French to come to see his granddaughter married, as he is at Chester, N. H.

Mr. and Mrs. Amos Tuck French Jr. are guests of Mrs. E. Maitland Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Stuyvesant LeRoy French and Mrs. Howard Williams are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. MacRae. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Livingston Burrill are guests of their daughter, Mrs. Livingston French, mother of the bride-elect. Mr. and Mrs. Francis O. French are at the Viking.

Mr. and Mrs. John Russell Pope and their daughter, Miss Jane Pope, tomorrow will give a luncheon for the bridal party. There will be thirty guests. In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Lorillard Spencer, uncle and aunt of Mr. Astor, will entertain at dinner at Chastellux for some of the wedding guests.


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