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Michigan City Woman Brings Word of Drowning of South Bend Men

Michigan City, Ind., May 8 -- Mohammed Mustafa Ajamy and Miss FatimaMuselmanie, the latter a Titanic survivor and the woman who broughtword of the drowning of four young Syrians bound for South Bend, weremarried here yesterday by Justice Schwein.  Mrs. Ajamy is a nativeof Syria as is also Mr. Ajamy, and although she survived the terribledisaster at sea and is today a bride, she is not as happy as one mightsuppose.  When the great ship went down her two older brothersgave up their lives that she and others of the women passengers mightsafely escape in the lifeboats.  The young woman was prostratedfor several days aftrer the disaster and when she was able to travelcame here from New York.  She relates in her native tongue athrilling account of the great disaster and her personal experiences.

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