Mr. and Mrs. Chapman

West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, Liskeard, were also among the lost. Mrs. Chapman declining to go without her husband.
Mrs. Hocking tells of how Mrs. Chapman was behind her when they were getting into the lifeboat. But when Sarah found that her husband John couldn't go. She turned back saying. ''Goodbye' Mrs. Richards. If John can't go, I won't go either.'' Mrs. Guy beckoned her son George to come, but he said ''No, mother. These men are good enough to stay back and let their wives and mothers go.'' Then he kissed her.' Mrs. Richards said there were five men in the boat.
Mrs John Henry Chapman (Elizabeth Lawry), 28, was born in the village of Liskeard in Cornwall, England. On December 26, 1911, she married her childhood sweetheart John Henry Chapman who had recently emigrated to Spokane, Washington. They were to return there and spent a belated honeymoon aboard the Titanic. The portrayal of newlyweds travelling Second Class in the movie "A Night to Remember" was modelled on the Chapmans. She perished with her husband.

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