Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Collyer

Surrey Advertiser and County Times

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Collyer and their little daughter. Mother and daughter saved; Mr. Collyer missing. Mr. Collyer's parents live in Leatherhead, Surrey. Leatherhead passengers One taken and two left.

Among the passengers were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Collyer and their little daughter, Mr. Harvey Collyer, who was 30 years of age, and whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Collyer, live at Lynton Cottages, Church Walk, Leatherhead, will be well remembered by local residents. He was for some years in the employ of Messrs. Mould, Ironmongers, etc., of High Street, for whom he worked as Vanman. He married Miss Charlotte Tate, whose mother resides at Elm Cottage, Leatherhead. Miss Tate was in the service of the Rev. S. N. Sedgwick, and when that gentleman left Leatherhead some four years ago to take over an incumbency at Bishopstoke, Hampshire, Mr. and Mrs. Collyer also went to that town, Mr. Collyer taking up the duties of verger at the Rev. S. N. Sedgwickes St Marys church. While at Leatherhead, Mr. Collyer was a well known member of the Young Men's Institute, and took a prominent part in many of the plays which the Rev. S. N. Sedgwick produced in the village.

Mr. Collyer sailed on the Titanic to take over some land which he had bought in Idaho, U.S.A., for fruit farming, and he intended to return to England in five years' time. The names of Mrs. Charlotte Collyer and Miss Marjorie Collyer appear in the list of those taken off the sinking liner by the Carpathia but there is little hope that Mr. Collyer himself is alive. Great sympathy is felt locally for the bereaved wife and child.

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