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MR. BRUCE ISMAY : Arrival at Liverpool: A Hearty Reception

Western Times

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The “Adriatic! Arrived at Liverpool on Saturday, having on board Mr. Bruce Ismay and some other survivors of the “Titanic” disaster. A large crowd assembled, including Press representatives from London, Paris, and the Provinces and Press photographers and cinematograph operators to meet the vessel.

One of the White Star officials conveyed a request to Mr. Ismay for a statement and later, returned with the following: “Mr. Ismay asks the gentlemen of the Press to extend their courtesy to him by not pressing for any statement from him. First, because he is still suffering from the very great strain of the “Titanic” disaster and subsequent events; again because he gave before the American Commission a plain and unvarnished statement of facts, which have been fully reported, and also because his evidence before the British Court inquiry should not be anticipated.

“He would, however, like to take the opportunity of acknowledging, with full heart, the large number of telegraphic messages and letters from public concerns and business and private friends, conveying sympathy with him and confidence in him, which he very much appreciated, in the greatest trial of his life.”

Mr. Ismay was cheered on leaving the liner.

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