Mr. C. H. Lightoller, the second officer

Southampton Times and Hampshire Express

Mr. C. H. Lightoller, the second officer on the ill-fated Titanic, who is reported to be among the survivors, lived at Netley Abbey, and on Wednesday one of our representatives called on his wife at their residence at Hound to convey congratulations at Mr. Lightoller's providential escape.

Mrs. Lightoller, who has two little boys, had just returned from Southampton, where she had been visiting the wives of other officers less fortunate than herself, and said how terribly anxious she had been, but how thankful she felt now that she was assured of her husband's safety.

Mr. Lightoller, who comes from Liverpool, has seen service with the White Star line on the liners Teutonic and Oceanic, but recently has been engaged on the Majestic. Mrs. Lightoller is a native of Australia, and, with her husband, have been living at Netley since the Company came to Southampton. Mrs. Lightoller said that she had endeavoured to see the Mayor of Southampton, to ask what she might do to help in collecting at Netley, as she thought she ought to do everything in her power now she herself was relieved from anxiety. In conclusion, Mrs. Lightoller said she had been besieged with telegrams of inquiry and congratulations, and wished to thank those who had sent, for she could not possibly reply to so many.

Marconigram dated 18th April 1912 to: Saks & Co., New York. ''36 men's medium flannel shirts 12 men's ditto, drawers, 12 pairs socks for destitute, deliver immediately at Pier 54 to Officer C. H. Lightoller. Lelia.''

Marconigram dated 18th April 1912 to: Siegel Cooper & Co. 6th Avenue, New York. ''25 Coats, 19 Trousers medium weight for destitute deliver immediately at pier 54 to Officer C. H. Lightoller. - Julia''.

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