Mr. C. Lambert, M.P., And The Disaster

North Devon Journal

The Right. Hon. George Lambert, M.P., speaking at Sandford, remarked that the sympathies of the entire civilised world went out to those who had been bereaved by this appalling disaster. It was at such moments that the fine characteristics of men were tested, and the nation was proud to know that the brave men who went down with the ship maintained the best traditions of the British race.

    Considerable discussion took place in the House of Commons on Monday with reference to the inquiry into the “Titanic” disaster. Mr. Buxton announced that Lord Mersey, ex-president of the Admiralty division of the High Court, had been appointed Wreck Commissioner to hold the inquiry, and that every person who could give material evidence would be summoned to appear.

    The relief fund started by the Lord Mayor of London reached £100,000 on Monday night. The fund started by the Mayor of Southampton amounted to £12,400.


Gordon Steadwood

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