Mr. J. P. Moody

Scarborough Mercury

Son of Mr. J. Moody

We understand that Mr. J. P. Moody, one of the officers concerning whom no news has been received, is a son of Mr. J. Moody, solicitor, once in practice in Scarborough, and for some years a member of the Scarborough Town Council. The address at Grimsby is that of Mr. Moody's uncle, with whom he lived.
An uncle of Mr. Moody also resides on the South Cliff at Scarborough, and seen on Wednesday afternoon by one of our representatives, Mr. Moody said that the young officer was on board the Oceanic, and he had not heard that he had been transferred to the Titanic. He thought his nephew would have let him know of any change of ship, unless the change was made at the lost moment, so to speak.

Mr. James Paul Moody, the young officer in question, is well known in Scarborough, and he spent part of his holidays with his uncle and part with the latter's sister at Grimsby.

He was a tall, clean-shaven, smart-looking young man, and if his life has been lost great sympathy will be felt for his relatives. the uncle, when seen by our representative, said he had looked at the list of passengers and crew to see if there was anyone he knew, and although he saw the name of James Pellody he did not connect it with anyone in Scarborough, least of all his nephew.

''I hope it is not true,'' he said, and our representative could only echo the wish.

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