Mr. James Walpole

Southport Visitor

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As stated in Tuesdays Visitor among the crew of the ill fated liner was Mr. James Walpole, brother of Mr. Horace Walpole, of 17 Line-street, Southport and brother-in-law of the late Mr. W. E. Browne. A native of Southport, Mr James Walpole had served thirty years with the White Star Line. From a humble post in the stewards department he rose to a very responsible position. Among the ships in which he previously served were the Britannic, Adriatic, Majestic, Celtic and Olympic, and he was transferred to the Titanic for her maiden voyage. He is a single man, and about fifty years of age. The present was not his first experience of accidents at sea, and amongst other exciting incidents in his career was onboard the Olympic when she was rammed by the Hawke. When the headquarters of the White Star Company were at Liverpool, he needed to spend his time ashore between voyages at his brothers house, but since the Company have taken Southampton as a starting point he has remained there.

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