Mr. Joseph Duquemin

Guernsey Evening Press

A letter was received this morning by the father of Mr. Joseph Duquemin, who was a passenger on the Titanic. He states that he has been in hospital and on his recovery proceeded to his destination, Albany, New York, where he has arrived quite well. He has promised to give details of his rescue in his next letter.
Bert's friend Joseph Duquemin, was doing his best to help the women and children. At one point he took off his overcoat and wrapped it round a shivering seven-year-old-girl. Both of them Denbuoy and Duquemin, worked together until they were waist deep in water. By that time all the boats had left.
Finally Joseph Duquemin turned to his friend and said 'I'm off'. He swam away from the deck and headed for the last lifeboat but Bert Denbuoy hesitated. When he started to follow, the suction from the sinking ship dragged him under. For months afterwards Joseph had nightmares. Time and again he reheard his friend crying out as the current pulled him to his death.
Eventually Joseph reached the lifeboat. At first he was refused permission to board and it was only after he told the seamen that he could pull an oar as well as they could that they dragged him to safety.
He joined the oarsmen in their battle to pull the crowded boat away from the suction of the sinking ship.
He also helped someone else out of the icy water. Hearing a cry for help, Joseph hoisted another swimmer aboard. The rest of the passengers were so angry that they threatened to throw them both back in the sea. The man he had saved turned out to be one of the Jersey Crew members, Walter Williams.

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