The Sun (New York)

Financier Will Pass Two Three Weeks Quietly in the City
Spends Evening in Apartment Playing His Favorite Game, Solitaire
Special Cable Despatch to The Sun
ROME, March 13---J. Pierpont Morgan arrived here from Naples on his way back
from Egypt on a special train at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon. He was
accompanied by his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L.
Satterlee; Dr. George A. Dickson of New York, Prof. Bastianelli of Rome and
a numerous suite.

Only Mr. Morgan's cousins, Mrs. John Hurlbert and Mrs. Lucy Lee; his
granddaughter, Miss Hamilton, and Prof. Carter, director of the American
Academy, met the party at the station.

Mr. Morgan shook hands with those who had gathered to meet him and then took
an automobile to the Grand Hotel where, as usual, a first floor apartment
had been reserved for him.

Although Mr. Morgan's health is good he needs two or three weeks of absolute
rest, and therefore he decided to come here. As yet he has not made any
plans for the future. He spent the afternoon in his apartment. He did not
receive any visitors. He was greatly benefited by his sea trip from
Alexandria and was not fatigued by the train journey from Naples here. He
will go out for a drive to-morrow if the weather is bright and mild.

While in Rome Mr. Morgan will not attend to any business, nor will he accept
any invitations to social entertainments, his sole object being to get a
good rest.

The financier appears to have aged a little since he was here last year. The
doctors recommend the rest cure. Mr. Morgan always has been benefited by his
visits to Rome, which he did not wish to omit this year. Mr. Morgan was so
keen about coming here without wasting any time at Naples that he ordered a
special train at a cost of $3,000.

Mr. O'Brien, the American Ambassador; the aide de camp to King Victor
Emmanuel, many prominent Americans who are here and several Government
officials called at the Grand Hotel during the evening and left their cards.

Mr. Morgan spent the evening in his apartment playing his favorite game,
solitaire. He told his friends he already felt the benefits of the climate.

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