Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Sanders (uncle and aunt)

In April 1912 the Exeter Flying Post newspaper reported that Titanic victim, Mrs. Lilian Carter, was a neice of Mrs. E. A. Sanders of Stoke House.
Mrs. Lilian Carter (formerly Hughes) was a daughter of Thomas Hughes and Frances (formerly Ford).
Fanny Ford, born in 1831, had an elder sister, Marianne (born 1828, Clifton, Bristol) who on 13 June 1848 at Heavitree Church, Exeter, Devon married Edward Andrew Sanders, a member of one of the local and influential merchant banking families.
Edward Andrew Sanders, Lilian's uncle, born in 1813 was educated at Harrow. In his early days a county cricketer, 'a keen rider to hounds' and 'a good churchman'. Also a Deputy Leiutenant for Devon and a Justice of the Peace he was mayor of Exeter in 1850 and throughout Queen Victoria's reign the guiding influence in the Exeter Conservative Party.
He died at Stoke House aged 92 in 1905 leaving, for those days, a considerable fortune totalling some £130,000.

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