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Found Lifeless in Stable the Morning After the Titanic Sank
Friends of Isidor Straus, who, with his wife, perished in the Titanic disaster, told yesterday of a peculiar coincidence concerning Mr. Straus and his favorite horse Bess. Before he sailed for Europe Mr. Straus sent the horse to Bedford Hills, N. Y., where the Montefiore Home, with which Mr. Straus was connected, has a farm. Part of this farm consists of some fine pasture land, and Mr. Straus decided to give Bess a vacation and let her roam at will over the pasture until he returned.

Bess was six years old. She had been owned by Mr. Straus for several years and was his favorite driving horse. On the night of Sunday, April 14, Bess was locked in the stable by the employes at the farm as usual. Next morning one of the stable hands found Bess dead. A veterinary surgeon could not tell of what malady the animal had died. The night of Sunday, April 14, was when the Titanic was wrecked and Mr. Straus and his wife died.

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