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Dr. Tomlin, of Haddonfield, in Halifax to Care for Corpse of Titanic Victim
Dr. F. H. Tomlin, of Haddonfield, is in Halifax, N. S., to receive the body of Frederick Sutton, one of the victims of the Titanic disaster, which is being brought to that port by the Mackay-Bennett cable ship.

The body of George D. Widener, of Philadelphia, has been buried at sea. Although recovered by the cable ship Mackay-Bennett at the scene of the Titanic disaster, the condition of the body was such that it was found impossible to carry it to Halifax.

These facts, which reached Philadelphia last night, came as a great blow to the Widener family. When the word of the recovery of the body was sent out from the cable ship, Joseph E. Widener, a brother, and George D. Widener, Jr., a son of the dead financier, left for Halifax in a special train to bring the body home.

Joseph E. Widener and George D. Widener, Jr., are now at Halifax, where the Mackay-Bennett will proceed after recovering all the bodies possible from the scene of the disaster, and they will remain there until the cable ship makes port, in hopes that the body of Harry Elkins Widener, a son of George D. Widener, who was also lost with the Titanic, may be among the unidentified dead on the vessel.

The bodies of two other Philadelphia victims of the disaster, William C. Dulles, a lawyer, and Frederick Sutton, of Haddonfield, a coffee importer, which were recovered by the cable ship, will be brought to port and sent home. Relatives of both men have gone to Halifax to make arrangements for the transportation of the bodies.

The body of Mr. Sutton was one of the first to be recovered and identified. That of Mr. Dulles was identified yesterday. Several other Philadelphians are in Halifax awaiting the arrival of the Mackay-Bennett in hopes that other victims from that city may be among the unidentified dead that it was possible to carry to land. It is still hoped that the body of John B. Thayer, second vice president of the Pennsylvania Railroad may be among these.

J. D. Richardson, a representative of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, will attempt to find the body of Mr. Thayer, and David Netter, a liquor dealer, will look for the body of his cousin, Herman Klaber, who is believed to have been a passenger on the Titanic. Mrs. Nathan Goldsmith, of Bryn Mawr, whose husband was drowned, is also among the Philadelphians in Halifax, although she does not know whether or not the body of her husband has been recovered.


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