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Mrs Hudson Allison and baby

Mrs. Allison, with her husband, two children and sister, were passengers on the Titanic.  Mrs Allison and her family were bound for their home in Milwaukee after a happy European trip.  She refused to leave her husband, and, after passing her baby boy to her sister, Miss Sadie Daniels, ran to her husband's side, with her nine-year-old daughter in her arms.  The three met death in one, last loving embrace.


Karina Mason

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  1. Dannyblair9 said:

    OMG(meaning Oh My Gammit) that is soooooooooooo sad... Poor boy... Doesn't even know who his real mom was... Is he still alive

  2. Rikki said:

    No, he died in 1929 at the age of 18 of ptomaine poisoning.

  3. Séverina said:

    Yes he died.He surely died because of the absence of his parents and his trauma..a baby can be traumatized even if he doesn't remember what happened...please do not delete this comment.It is the third time i 'm trying to post..Thanks!

  4. Autumn Vandriel said:

    Who is Miss Sadie? it was Bess Allison and she refused to get on a lifeboat because she couldn't find her husband Hudson and she would never leave him also she didn't know that the nurse maid took Trevor. Also her daughter HELEN was 2 years old. This article makes me mad.

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