Mrs. Benjamin Guggenheim Receives Husband' Last Message From Titanic Survivor

Chicago Record-Herald


Mrs. Benjamin Guggenheim Receives Husband’ Last Message From Titanic Survivor

‘I’ve Done My Duty,” Word
New York, April 20—“If anything should happen to me, tell my wife in New York that I’ve done my best in doing my duty.”

That was the last message of Benjamin Guggenheim of the famous family of capitalists, dictated to a steward only a short while before he sank to his death with the Titanic.

It was reported today that the message was received by Mrs. Guggenheim. It was delivered by James Etches, assistant steward in the first cabin of the Titanic, to whom Mr. Guggenheim communicated it.

Etches appeared at the St. Regis Hotel and inquired for Mrs. Benjamin Guggenheim. He said that he had a message from Mr. Guggenheim and that it had to be delivered in person.

Chicago Record Herald, Sunday, April 21, 1912, p. 3, c. 1:

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