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"The Action of Men of the Titanic Was Noble," She Writes
Of Washington.
New York, April 18---The action of the men on the Titanic was noble. They stood back in every instance that I noticed, and gave the women and children the first chance to get away safely.

Particularly heroic was the conduct of Mr. Isidor Straus, Maj. Archibald Butt, Mr. John Jacob Astor, and Mr. Henry B. Harris.

They formed a group. Most of the passengers were on the stern of the Titanic, for the leak was forward and it was known that if she sank it would be bow first.

An officer of the Titanic ordered Mrs. Straus into a boat. She said:

"I will not leave my husband. We've been together all these years and I'll not leave him now."

It brought tears to our eyes to witness her great devotion for her husband.

Mr. Harris insisted that his wife get into a lifeboat. She refused at first, but finally was forced into the boat. As we put away I observed Mrs. Straus waving her handkerchief at us. The Titanic was then settling. Her stern was out of the water, and she was going down bow first. There must have been 1,400 persons gathered together on the stern. I saw Col. Astor helping get the women and children into the boats. Then he went below, remaining there several minutes. I believe he was searching for more women and children.

Finally he came back again. He was on deck when the Titanic sank, I believe, for when I last saw him he was still aiding in the work of rescue.

Maj. Butt was one of God's own noblemen. I saw him working desperately to get the women and children into the boats.

What need can there be of recounting the heroic deeds performed by those men who remained on the Titanic? To dwell upon them only sickens the heart with the realization of how they perished.


Mark Baber, USA


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