Mrs. Churchill Among the Passengers Rescued From Titanic

Washington Times

Another Washingtonian who sailed from Southampton Wednesday on the ill-fated Titantic [sic] was Mrs. Churchill Candee, prominent in Washington social circles, whose residence is at 1718 Rhode Island avenue northwest. Mrs. Candee's name appears on the list of passengers who were rescued by one of the sister ships of the Titanic. Her son, Harold C. Candee, who remained in Washington while his mother was abroad, had not heard directly from her at a late hour this afternoon. The only information which the friends of Mrs. Candee have received regarding her was that flashed to Washington to the various newspapers.

Mrs. Candee's residence in Rhode Island avenue northwest, was leased last fall to Lieutenant and Mrs. Timmons, the latter being the daughter of former Vice President Fairbanks.

Mrs. Candee spends a part of each years [sic] abroad, and was just returning from several months’ sojourn in Europe. She was to have arrived here the latter part of this week.

A member of the city's most exclusive smart set, Mrs. Candee, who is a widow, has attained something of a reputation as a brilliant hostess. At her home some of the world's most prominent persons have visited.

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