Mrs Davison's Account

Marion Weekly Star

'We were among the last to leave. We had retired when the crash came. Harry threw on some clothing and started on deck to see what was the matter. As we came on the deck we saw men and women fighting (?) about the lifeboats. Some of the boats were lowered and everyone was shouting and pushing about the boat. Harry pulled me into a crowd that was struggling about one of the boats that was being loaded. One of the officers kept crying 'Women first Get back Women first'.

Then someone grabbed me and threw me into the boat. I was terribly excited and didn't notice how many boats were left, but as we were being lowered I saw other boats pulling off under us and heard shouts from other boats that seemed a long ways out.

As we came to the water I heard something whirl over us and strike the water. It was a man. The boat was crowded, there being thirty-five (in it?)and we couldn't turn around to go back. Some were standing up and as we pushed off the boat listed and took water. It was frightfully cold and all the women in our boat were scantily clothed. Nearly all were women and there were only three sailors. Some of the women tried to help the sailors row, but we didn't make much headway. It seemed hours before the Titanic sank, but we had not got far away. Its stern came up (illegible) then there was an explosion.....The cold was intense. We were afraid to move for fear of sinking the boat. Water kept coming into it until there were several inches on the bottom. Ice bumped against us at times. It seemed dawn would never come. The sailors kept rowing all night. The strain was terrible. A woman fainted and a man began to laugh and sob toward morning....''

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