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Mrs. Deshler Hears Her Sister-in-Law Is Safe; No Word From Brother

Washington Times

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"God grant that my brother, too, is safe," said Mrs. Frances Silvey Deshler of the Wilmington apartments Wyoming avenue northwest, when told today by a Times' reporter that her sister-in-law, Mrs. William B. Silvey, of Duluth, Minn., was among the passengers rescued from the Titanic.

William Beard Silvey and wife, first cabin passengers, sailed from Southampton last Wednesday. Before leaving that port they wrote to Mrs. William Silvey, their mother, who lives with Mrs. Deshler, that they would visit her on their return to the West.

With every ring of the telephone in her apartments, Mrs. Deshler would burst into tears, wondering if the voice on the other end of the line had some bad news of her brother and sister. When told by a reporter that her sister-in-law was saved, but that nothing had been heard of her brother, she broke down. "God grant that he is safe. He was such a noble fellow, big hearted and kind. It seems too hard that he should meet such a death. He was my only brother, and we loved him so," said Mrs. Deshler.

Mrs. William B. Silvey, the aged mother of the passenger thought to be among the lost, is prostrated. She now is clinging to the hope that her son might be aboard some rescue ship. She only sobs when told that the Virginian, on board whom there are said to be several hundred passengers, might have her son among its rescued.

In New York, grief stricken and almost frantic is Melville Silvey, the pretty eighteen-year-old daughter of the Duluth man. She attends a college at Farmington, Conn., and on the receipt of a letter from her parents, went to New York to meet them when they came from aboard the Titanic.

Mr. Silvey was born in Washington, but for the last twenty years has been living in the west. He is a real estate operator.

“He was due in New York today,” said his mother this morning, "and on his way back to Duluth was to have come by Washington to spend a day or so with me. They went over on the Olympic, sister ship of the Titanic. The Olympic met with some trouble, and my daughter, Mrs. Deshler, feared all along that something would happen to the Titanic on their return.”


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