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Still Suffering From Effect of Broken Arm, Doctor Says---Silent on Boxer
Mrs. Madeleine Force Astor Dick, former widow of the late John Jacob Astor and divorced wife of William K. Dick, returned from Bermuda yesterday on the Monarch of Bermuda, and was carried from the ship in a stretcher. She was taken in an ambulance to the Doctors Hospital.

Dr. Carnes Weeks, 244 East Sixty-eighth Street, who went to Bermuda to bring Mrs. Dick back, said she was not critically ill, but was still recovering from "a badly broken arm," suffered when she fell to the floor of her Bermuda home two months ago. He said she would remain at the hospital until the arm was completely healed.

Mrs. Dick refused to see reporters who sought to confirm the statement of Enzo Fiermonte, Italian boxer, that he and Mrs. Dick would be married as soon as she recovered. Dr. Weeks acted as intermediary and returned from Mrs. Dick's cabin with the reply that she had nothing to say.

On the ship with her were a maid and Miss Edith Searle, her personal secretary, who objected vehemently to the efforts of reporters to interview her employer. These efforts Miss Searle characterized as "torture and persecution."

Mrs. Dick was met at the pier by her son, John Jacob Astor 3d, Miss Phyllis Walsh, her friend, and several others who remained with her until 10:30, when she was taken to the ambulance.

Fiermonte returned several weeks ago after being refused permission to land at Bermuda, where he had gone to visit Mrs. Dick.

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