Mrs. Flegenheimer overview

A researcher on has identified the following info on the elusive Mrs. Flegenheimer

*She was born circa 1871 to Wm. Wendt and Pauline Wagner

*Her 1891 address was 135 E58 St

*She was married to Alfred Flegenheimer  on November 1, 1890 in NY

*June 20, 1912 she married Paul Elliot White-Hurst in Buffalo, NY.

*Paul White-Hurst was born in Stafford, England in 1878 and in 1912 was a resident of Toronto

*Lived in Trafalgar Sq till the war when he sailed for Belgium to offer his services in the war office. According to his file, she lived at 'The Hague'.

*The presumably separated sometime during the war

*Her ex-husband re-married in 1932 ro Marion Angold and died in Wilstshire in 1964

As others searching Ancestry have found, she was still alive in Munchen, Germany in 1938

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