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Wife of Titanic’'s Mail Chief Feels Loss Keenly but is Not Ill

Metropolitan newspapers this morning all published stories to the effect that Mrs. William Logan Gwinn, wife of the chief mail clerk of the lost Titanic, who perished when the big ship floundered, was lying at the point of death here in Asbury Park. The stories continued to say that Mrs. Gwinn had not been informed of her husband’s death and that to save her life and reason fake telegrams saying that Mr. Gwinn was coming on another steamer were being read to her. The stories were untrue. Mrs. Gwinn, while feeling keenly the tragic loss, is not ill. She suffers from the shock of her bereavement but is able to be about.

Thru Fourth Officer Boxhall of the Titanic some details of Mr. Gwinn’s last moments alive have been learned.

“I saw your brother before the ship sank,” Fourth Officer Boxhall told Cornelius J. Gwinn soon after the Carpathia came in. “When the ship struck there were three men in the mailroom, two Americans and an Englishman, sorting out the 300 bags. Your brother had been asleep in his cabin on C deck, but he dressed and ran below. The captain sent me down to see about the water, and I got as far as the mailroom, where I found the water already very high. One man was coming out with bags of mail under each arm, floating himself along on the water. This was you brother. He had three bags of valuable mail he had selected, and hustled to get the other men to pick out the registered mail, too.

“I ran up the companionway,” said Boxhall, “with the water coming in behind us all the time. We had to hurry. We had to go up three companionways, and the mail was heavy. One man dropped off one of the ladders and disappeared. I ran as fast as I could to get back to the captain and that’s the last I saw of them all.”

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