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Titanic Survivor in Precarious Condition

Unidentified Newspaper

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Titanic Survivor in Precarious Condition at Brother's Home Mrs. Peter C. Hansen, the survivor of the steamer Titanic, who arrived in Racine Wednesday, is still in an extremely nervous condition, and is still not able to be around. She is staying at the home of her brother, Thomas Howard of 1236 Center Street.

No word has yet been received from the White Star lined [sic] as to what disposal is to be made of the body of Henry Hanson, brother of Peter C. Hanson [sic], which was picked up at sea. It is probable, however, that the body will be sent back to Mr. Hanson's home in Denmark. A letter to that effect was sent by relatives to the White Star Line today.

[Note: The body recovered was not in fact Claus Peter Hansen's brother Henrik Juul Hansen, but that of Henry Damsgaard Hansen. The body of Henry Damsgaard Hansen was reported to be wearing a life preserver and to be badly decomposed. He was buried at sea.]


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