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Mrs. Harris Gains Strength

New York Times

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Mrs. Henry B Harris, widow of the theatrical manager who was lost on the Titanic, was regaining strength yesterday, but she was still in a nervous condition. Her shoulder, which she injured a day before the sinking of the ship, was healing normally. William Harris, father of Henry B. Harris, who has been out of town for the week, called to see her yesterday. He is standing the shock of his son’s death with unexpected calmness.

At the Harris office the routine work was going on as usual. There was an air of depression among the employees, but, as one of them put it, they were trying to think that Mr. Harris was still just away on a vacation. Although nothing has been decided, it is thought that the business will be conducted as before, with, perhaps, William Harris, Jr., and James Forbes, the author of several of Mr. Harris’s most successful productions, taking a more active interest in the management of the theatres.

The Hudson and the Harris Theatres were both closed last night out of respect to the memory of their manager. The Fulton Theatre, which is also a Harris house, is occupied by Walker Whiteside in “The Typhoon” under a rental agreement, and the Harris management had no authority to order it closing.

Mrs. Harris told of one incident connected with her husband’s death which indicates the strong character of the man. Several years ago “Jack” Bauman[sic], a theatrical manager, was able to do Mr. Harris a favor. This Spring the manager found Bauman in London with affairs going against him, and arranged for his return to America. Bauman was on the Titanic, and when the women left on the lifeboats he stood by Mr. Harris and went down with him.
[Clipping from Harold Lowe Collection]


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