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Surrogate Indicates She Is Entitled to Accounting in Guggenheim Suit
Surrogate Fowler announced yesterday that it was his opinion that Mrs. Amy G. Lurati, once known as Amy G. Tuska, is entitled to ask for an accounting of the executors of the estate of Benjamin Guggenheim, who was lost with the Titanic. The executors, Daniel, Isaac and Murry Guggenheim, have objected to rendering an accounting at this time, saying that they are paying Mrs. Lurati, who resides in San Remo, Italy, $7,500 yearly in accordance with the written agreement between her and Benjamin Guggenheim.

Reeve Schley, of the 1aw firm of Thacher & Bartlett, who appeared in behalf of the executors, had proceeded to say that the annuity to Mrs. Lurati was because of her giving Mr. Guggenheim $150,000 worth of stock, when the court interrupted him, and the lawyer continued no further with that explanation.

There is an affidavit by Mr. Schley to the effect hat there are many claims against persons in Paris that have been compromised, and that about 25,000 francs are still unpaid as a result of the compromises. It is also stated that payments are expected on these compromises as soon as the financial market, now upset by the war, returns to a more settled condition.

Mr. Schley further alleged that Mrs. Lurati was paid her last installment in July and no other payment is due until the last of December, and, therefore, she has no right to ask for an accounting at this time.

John. S. Wise, Jr., attorney for Mrs. Lurati, told the court that he wanted to know all about the estate in order that he might be sure that his client's annuity is adequately secured. The Surrogate reserved decision.

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