New York Times

Must Now Answer Charge of Threatening Charles J. Bell.
WASHINGTON, April 22---Mrs. Mary E. Gage of this city was adjudged of sound mind to-day, and to-morrow she mst [sic] face a police charge of making dangerous threats. Mrs. Gage was placed in the custody of her counsel.

The lunacy proceedings grew out of threats Mrs. Gage was alleged to have made against Charles J. Bell, a banker, who is prominent socially. Mrs. Gage asserted that Mr. Bell had impeded her social progress and that of her daughter. She was arrested several weeks ago at the instance of Mr. Bell, who said he feared for his life.

Mrs. Gage gained some prominence as the organizer of a patriotic society, and as the author of a genealogical work in which she laid claim to fourteen centuries of very genteel ancestors.

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