Mrs Nasrallah writes to Mrs Astor

Fort Wayne News

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Dear Mrs. Astor. I sat in the same boat which saved you when the Titanic went down. I also will soon have a baby. My husband, Nicholas, was drowned. All our money and things went down with him.....I am twenty-one. I married Nicholas nearly three years ago. He used to have a tannery in Brazil. We were returning to the old country and had got as far as France when we learned that Turkey and Italy were fighting. We started back for New York on the Titanic. Alas, that we did. This is all that is necessary to let you know. Hoping you will live forever in my (illegible). ADELE NASRALLAH.

In the rushing to and fro which followed the Titanic's collision with the iceberg Mrs. Nasrallah was torn from the arms of her husband and lifted into the lifeboat where crouched Mrs. Astor. The two women huddled together for warmth during the hours before they were picked up by the rescue liner Carpathia. Mrs. Astor tried to speak to the Syrian girl, but her language was incomprehensible to the grieving girl.
(Mrs. Nasrallah has the mysterious eyes of the Syrian desert)

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