Mrs. Pirrie honored

BELFAST, April 5

At the meeting of the City Corporation to-day Alderman John McCormick moved
a resolution electing and admitting Mrs. Pirrie an honorary burgess of the
city of Belfast in recognition of her signal services to the community in
inaugurating and raising by her untiring zeal and personal influence a fund
sufficient for the erection, equipment, and endowment of the Royal Victoria
Hospital, which was instituted to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of her
Majesty Queen Victoria, and to confer lasting benefit upon the citizens of
the city of Belfast. Alderman Hutton seconded the resolution. Alderman
Lawther, as one of the senior members of the council, supported the
resolution. The ex-Lord Mayor, Sir Daniel Dixon, in putting the motion, said
that no other lady in Ireland could have collected the money which Mrs.
Pirrie had for the hospital. The resolution was unanimously passed.

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