Mrs. Stoiber-Rood Denies Report Husband Is Alive

Denver Times

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Says She Has Positive Evidence He Lost His Life on Titanic Disaster.

Recent reports from London that a man seen there had been partially identified as Hugh R. Rood, supposed to have been one of the Titanic victims in April, 1912, have caused Mrs. Lena Stoiber-Rood, formerly of Denver, now in Seattle, to write to friends here, asserting that she has the most positive proof that her husband perished when the Titanic went down, and declaring that any rumour to the contrary is absurd.

She says she has investigated at various times similar rumours and has always found them utterly unbelievable. She has found that her husband was seen on the Titanic a few minutes before the crushed ship took her final plunge and he was never seen again.

She has letters and affidavits from F.K. Stewart (presumably Frederick Kimber Seward), 30 Broad Street, New York; Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Rolph, 5 East India avenue, London, and many others, all offering the most positive evidence obtainable that Mr. Rood went to his death with the Titanic, and courts in the state of Washington, thru which his estate has been administered, have accepted the proof as conclusive in law.

The best information obtainable shows that Mr. Rood went down with C.M. Hays of the Grand Trunk Railroad, with whom he was conversing a few minutes before the vessel sank.

Mrs. Rood writes that she has no intention of remaining in Seattle, and intimates that she may return to Denver, saying that she has not deciced whether her legal home is in Colorado or France.

She says she cannot account for the recurring rumours that Mr. Rood is alive, but is prepared to prove to the satisfaction of anyone that the rumours are absoultely without foundation.

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